8 Billion Impressions later….A Refresh for Admessenger – the Ad Unit that Scrolls.

To coincide with the serving of its eight billionth ad impression, and following a surge in interest since COVID restrictions lifted, this week Admessenger rolls out new websites in the UK and Ireland in a bid to recruit more publishers and advertisers. 

Digital display advertising is the workhorse of the digital advertising industry. It was the first ad format conceived to run across websites. Fast forward more than a quarter of a century and it still has more than a bit-part to play, accounting for just shy of £2bn in UK revenue or approximately 12% of the ad market in 2020 (Source: Statista, excludes Social Display). However, a lack of innovation and the predominance of mobile phones with their small screens as a means of accessing the Internet, have together conspired to make it more peripheral and crucially less noticed.

Admessenger addresses the mobile visibility and attention deficit challenge head on. Its superpower lies in its scrolling. Because the ad copy scrolls across the screen and disappears from view, people take more notice. Its origins lie with the ubiquitous scrolling news ticker, a trusted staple on most TV channels for disseminating important information quickly.

With an engagement rate, at least three times higher than that of standard mobile display ad units, the Admessenger format offers advertisers an inherent advantage.  

It also presents publishers with the potential to earn more from their ever-increasing supplies of mobile ad inventory.  Existing publisher partners report that advertisers are paying more for the format precisely because it engages audiences at superior rates to that offered by standard display ads. 

In our recent survey of Irish and UK publishers, 90% agreed that the Admessenger ad unit was more likely to meet or exceed advertiser expectations compared to other mobile display offerings. It also does a job in firing up sales teams, with 62% pitching it very often or often. 

Admessenger counts some impressive publishers as partners including Mediahuis (CarsIreland), DC Thomson, Iliffe Media, Kent Media Group and MNA Media.

With this refresh, we are looking to expand our publisher footprint and to helps sales teams sell more. On the advertiser and agency side, we are looking to bring new energy and fresh thinking to the digital display market with a simple proven ad unit which outperforms its rivals every time.

Commenting on the eight billionth ad milestone, Lee Thompson, Director of Sing! said, “Admessenger is proven. Its scrolling format is distinctive. And we as consumers pay more attention to it. Publishers like to sell it as it improves overall campaign performance and attracts higher yields. Advertisers re-book as the format gets attention and more than holds its own when compared to the performance of other formats. Put simply, Admessenger will add value to every media plan with a mobile display component. Guaranteed.”

For any enquiries, please visit our website at https://www.ad-messenger.ie or email us at hello@ad-messenger.ie

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